Graph the line functions (please explain how you get X and Y). C(x)=12x+17000 C(x)=20x+16000

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We are asked to graph the functions C(x)=12x+17000 and C(x)=20x+16000.

See the attachment for the graphs. C(x)=12x+17000 is in green while C(x)=20x+16000 is in blue.

C(x)=12x+17000 is a linear function in x. The independent variable is x. We can rewrite the equation as a linear function of two variables, x and y, where y=C(x) is the dependent variable. Thus, y=12x+17000.

As x is the independent variable, you can choose any real number for x. However, you do have to take into consideration the domain of the function. For example if C(x) is the cost related to producing x units, then C(x) is greater than or equal to zero. And there is probably some upper limit on the number of units you can...

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