Graph the function y=-2x+6 with the domain-1<x<5  I believe you have to make an x/y table to get the points on the graph 

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To graph the function `y=-2x + 6` you can use the table method but there are other ways and it really depends on preference or if the question instructs you to use a specific method.

Using the table methos just means allocating values for x and then substituting those values, one by one, to find the coresponding y value.S if we do the following :

x:     0     1     2

y: still to calculate

now we will substitute each of those values into the equation to find y:

when x = 0 `y=-2x+6` becomes `y=-2(0) +6`

`therefore y=6` and the co-ordinate is (0;6)

when x=1`y=-2x+6` becomes `y=-2(1) +6`

`therefore y=4` and the co-ordinate is (1;4)

You can continue calculating

In terms of the table:

x:   0   1     2     3

y:   6   4     2     0

The graph can now be plotted and you will note on the graph that when x = 1 y will be 4 and so on. You can plot as many points as you need. Being a straight line graph means it will go through the correct points once you have plotted the first two. As the domain of this graph is `-1<x<5` we have plotted it accordingly: