graph the function 1 ---> 95 2 ---> 75 5 ---> 65 7 ---> 60 how am i suppose to graph this function? am i supposed to find a y=mx=b equation first? what are the steps to graphing this function out? thank you!

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Here actually there is no function. There is a set of data and you need to plot it on a graph sheet.

What you need to do is define the data set which belongs to x axis and which data belongs to y axis.

By the look of it, it seems 1,2,5 and 7 are in x axis and 95,75,65 and 60 are in y axis.

You can see that the values of x are between 0-10 and values of y are between 0-100.

Now get a graph sheet.

For x-axis mark 0 to 10 from origin in equal distances.

For y axis mark 0 to 100 (in 10 unit intervals like 10,20,30).

Then mark your first point (1,95) which means you go long x axis until you find 1 and then from there go along y axis until you find 95 (middle of 90 and 100).

Similarly you can mark all the other points.

Then you can connect these points smoothly. (depending on the locations of the points it may be a curve or line)

This is what you mean by graphing the above data.

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