In Chapter 20 of "The Grapes of Wrath", why is the preacher, Casy, taken to jail?

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Casy goes to jail in Chapter 20. This occurs when Floyd Knowles asks a contractor how much money he will earn if he goes to Tulare to work. The contractor beats around the bush, saying he can't really tell. According to the law, he was supposed to offer a written price, sign it and the potential employee would sign the offer and go to work for that price. Instead, this contractor is illegally asking hundreds of men to come to work, promising one price, but when so many arrive, they will be offered much lower wages than what they had been promised. Floyd points this out and a deputy, who is with the contractor, accuses Floyd of stealing cars. Floyd runs and Tom trips the deputy. Casy then kicks the deputy in the neck and knocks him out. He tells Tom to run because Tom is on parole. When the deputy awakens, Casy takes the blame for the entire incident and is arrested. This foreshadows Casy's ultimate sacrifice later in the novel.

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