The Ultimate Safari Questions and Answers
by Nadine Gordimer

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The grandmother and the narrator have different opinions about returning to Mozambique. Why is this?

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A possible reason for the difference in opinion about Mozambique might have to do with the generational gap between both.  The narrator features less roots, less connection, and less experience to Mozambique.  For a grandmother who has lived in Mozambique all her life, seen a daughter married and disappeared in Mozambique, and has experienced a life there, the bonds are much deeper and stronger.  The other element that might define why both grandmother and daughter have different opinions about Mozambique is that the daughter's experience in Mozambique has been marred by pain and loss.  She has seen her village pillaged and plundered by the bandits and seen the disappearance, and presumable deaths, of her mother and father.  For the daughter, Mozambique represents home, but pain and loss.  The grandmother, too, experiences this, but this does not constitute her only memories of Mozambique.

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abhijha | Student

 Because narrator was a small girl. she think that if she shall go back to mozambique she shall meet with her mother and her grandfather.But her grandmother was very much strong although she lost her hushband during his journey but she walk through the kruger park.she didnot want to go because she have the fear that if she return to that place then their is danger of banditsThey are very much preserve in the kruger park.