Bruno's grandmother disagrees with the views of the Nazis. How does she stand up for her beliefs?

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The grandmother's primary source of resistance is questioning her son's beliefs and her son's value system.  Outside of this, there is little to show that her standing up for her beliefs exists outside of the realm of the personal.  She questions her son as to why he embraces the Nazi philosophy.  She does this by openly questioning him, and also insisting that the values with which she and her husband taught to Bruno are antithetical to what the Nazis believe.  While others around her are impressed with her son, she is not and she speaks her mind about it. She questions him about why he wants to "dress up" while "not caring .... what it stands for."  Bruno's grandmother represents the few who had the courage to speak out against the Nazis when it would come at great cost to them.  While others attempt to silence her, such as her husband, she does not stop speaking what she considers to to be the truth.  She does not recant or back down from her statements.  In this, she stands up for her beliefs, even if it means openly questioning her son's status.

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