Think of a situation where you are supposed to do something in the future but can't. Remember to express your ideas with the correct verb tenses and present and future modals of possibility.

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I was supposed to give a presentation at a major educational conference last year.  The proposal was accepted by the program committee, and everything was all set to go.  Unfortunately, my employer refused to let me attend the conference and give the workshop.  I had to do some scrambling.  I could have requested that the session be scheduled or rescheduled for a Saturday.  This would have allowed me to fly to the conference Friday night and be present on Saturday.  While this would have allowed me to give the session, it would have been very costly.  It also would have given me very little time to attend the conference and learn from other presenters.  Another option available for me was to submit my material electronically.  This would have allowed others in the group presentation to share my materials and explain them to those in attendance.  It also would have allowed those attending to have access to my materials so they could use them in their classroom.  After weighing all the options, this was the route I chose.  I didn't attend the conference, and I had the other presenters share my materials.  It was an example of making the best out of a situation that didn't have great choices for solutions.

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