In Graham Greene's "The Destructors", what is an example from the story, other than the house itself, that "Destruction is a form of creation"?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You need to remember the setting of this story when thinking about this question. Let us think about the entire quote that you refer to before starting:

Streaks of light came in through the closed shutted where they worked with the seriousness of creators - and destruction after all is a form of creation. A kind of imagination had seen this house as it had now become.

You need to remember the paradox that this quote refers to - any form of destruction (and remember the title) is simulataneously a form of creation. The setting of this story is a bomb-torn London following the war, which has literally been razed to the ground. Whilst this is a destruction - it is also a creation, as something has been made. Destruction allows new creations and allows a chance to re-build and start again - with the optimism of doing it better second time round. Of course, Greene in this story seems to be playing on this perverse paradox - the boys are anti-creators, in that they work incredibly hard and well in a very dedicated fashion to destroy something instead of creating something. The only thing they seem to be creating is a continuation of the chaos of their lives that they have already experienced through the war.