A Grade 4 child gave an answer to 25/5 of14. What is the child's thinking error? What concept does the child lack? 25/5=5 but the child wrote 14.Solve this problem for the child? 

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In Grade 4 learners are actively required to split numbers in order to solve more complex problems; for example, the number 254 can be written as 200+50+4 and can then be added say to 35 by doing the same 30+5. The hundreds are then added to hundreds (if applicable) and so on.

It seems this learner has spilt the 25 in the same way

 5 + 20

and then solved for each one such that

`5divide 5 =1`  and `20 divide 5=4`

The solution of 14 indicates that the child has not understood the concept of adding hundreds tens and units to get a more complex number and has therefore simply written the two numbers as

14 instead of 1 + 4= 5

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