Are the govt. medical colleges in India ill treat the patients? Recently I was with my father in one of the govt. medical colleges in India to treat an acute kidney injury of my father. He was bed ridden and almost lost his memory. In that condition also they did not provide a room for us. Not only that almost five times they asked us to change the bed. But one thing I have to admit is that the doctors were very attentive but the nurses and the attender were inhuman in their approach. I could go to a nurse for at least five times to ask him to give an injection which has been prescribed by the doctor.

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Often, hospitals are dreadfully overburdened. I have experienced this first hand, both when a friend was hospitalized with serious injuries and when my wife gave birth to our two children. I think the vast majority of health professionals (my sense is that this is probably true of India as well) mean well, but simply are called on to do more than they can humanly do in one shift. Actually, my completely subjective experience in this country is that hospitals associated with medical colleges have provided better care. 

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I think this kind of thing happens in hospitals everywhere.  From having very sick family members in the hospital, I have learned that you really have to be stubborn.  Actually, you have to make a best of yourself.  It's the only way your loved one will get the attention he needs.  I also learned that some family member should be with the patient at all times.  If you aren't used to hospitals, you may not realize this.  If they lecture you about visiting hours, make a fuss and stand your ground.  Don't ever leave the patient alone.

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