Discuss whether too much governmental regulation of business or too little governmental regulation of business presents the greater danger to: a. the greater good b. business

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You can argue this either way.  I will present some arguments here and let you decide which you agree with more.

You can say that too much government regulation is more dangerous to business than too little regulation is.  The argument here is that government regulation makes it much harder for businesses to be profitable.  When the government regulates businesses, it generally increases their costs.  For example, it makes them spend more on worker safety or environmental regulation.  This makes it harder for businesses to make a profit.  Too little regulation does none of these things and therefore too much regulation is more dangerous for businesses.

However, you can say that too little government regulation is worse for businesses.  You can say that businesses make people very angry when they are not regulated.  Businesses that are not regulated do things like abusing their workers and selling unsafe products to consumers.  If businesses do these things, people will get very angry.  They may pressure the government to really crack down on businesses, thus making things even worse for business than they would be if the government imposed more regulations.

You can say that too much government regulation is dangerous for the greater good.  If too much regulation kills off businesses, we all suffer because there are fewer jobs for people.  It is worse to have a job that is not perfect than it is to have no job at all.  On the other hand, you can say that too little regulation is worse for the greater good because businesses will harm the people.  Businesses that are not regulated will do things like polluting our air and water and bringing about terrible economic inequality.  This, we can argue, is worse for the greater good than too much regulation is.

Which of these arguments do you find more convincing?