"The government should give money to everybody who does not have enough money for day-to-day expenses."Please argue for and against.

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This is an incredibly difficult and sensitive topic. It is also very relevant in view of our economy that hover around a 10% unemployment rate with little signs of going down.

Here are some arguments in support of this position. First, if the government is not able to stimulate the economy and create jobs for its citizens, then they should provide the basic necessities of life. There is a responsibility of the state to provide for its citizens. Second, if the government does not take care of its citizens, there will be social unrest and this will be far worse. History teaches us at least this much. One only needs to look at what has happened in the last year in the Middle East.

Some people will disagree with the above two points. They may counter by saying that social welfare only produces people who are entitled and do not want to work. In other words, they may say that it does not incentivize people to look for a job. Second, they may say that to give handouts is not fair for the rest of the citizens who are working and paying their taxes to support a welfare system.

In the end, both sides have a point. What is needed is a compromise.