Gothic literature How has Gothic literature changed through geographic location?

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The first modern gothic tests were Victorian, and usually took place in the English or French countryside.  These days, each country has its own Gothic myths and many take place within their own borders.  For example, we have our own vampire stories in America.

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I would have to say yes based upon my interpretation of your question. Gothic literature is based upon imagery and ideas depicted by the author. Given that all Gothic authors are not "localized" in only one specific area, the ideas that they depict could be very different based upon their location and the tales of their communities.

Texts typically differ based upon location. I wold not think that Gothic literature would be any different from others.

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Are you talking about different Gothic texts and how they vary depending on their origins, or the use of geograpy in Gothic literature? If it is the second, then it is important to note the important impact that setting has in Gothic literature. Gothic works almost always are set in a geographical location that is on the fringes of civilised mankind, which of course is vitally important for the kind of action that occurs in these places. Consider Wuthering Heights, for example, and the way that the entire action of the novel takes place in an exposed part of the Yorkshire Moors that is separated from the rest of humanity and is open to the full force of the elements. We see humans on the edge of civilisation, which perhaps explains how they are able to act in such shocking ways.

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