I Got multiple questions. 1.What term is used for the cuddly stuffed animals that younger children sleep with 2.What is used to punish small children

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  The things they sleep with are called their comfort objects."  We can see this in places like page 18 (my copy of the book, at least) where Lily gets impatient as her parents talk to Jonas.  She is waiting for her comfort object.

2.  The things that are used to punish small kids (and old people in the retirement homes as well) are called discipline wands.  It is described (page 54) as a thin, flexible wand that hurt quite a bit when you are hit with it.  On page 90, we find out from Fiona that wands are used on the old as well.

zoeyy | Student

1. Those cuddly stuffed animals are called comfort objects. These are animals that are chosen for the children to keep, until they turn Eight.

At the end of chapter 2, Lily has an elephant as her comfort object. Mother explains that her comfort object will be passed down to other children when she is an Eight. Jonas's had been a bear.

2. A discipline wand is used to punish children. When Asher, Jonas's best friend, had used the word 'smack' instead of 'snack', he was given one. Using the wand, Asher's Childcare worker had hit Asher on his hands, making him whimper.