if i got 12 questions right on the ged math test will i pass how many do i need to get correct to pass?

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From what I have read, you will need get about 1/2 the questions correct in order to pass the math section of the GED. It does vary from state to state, so it will depend on your specific testing site. Overall, you will need to average about 60% correct to pass the test as a whole. If you know your score for the section rather than just the number of correct questions, that would make it easier to understand your score. You will need a score around 410 to pass the math section (or any other section). If you miss the 410 mark on the math section, it sounds like you can earn a higher score in other test areas to boost your test average over the passing mark. Again, there may be subtle differences between the tests in each state. The American Council on Education has more information on their website.

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