In the Gospel of Matthew and Luke. What is significant  similarity and how they diferent?

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Matthew and Luke are two of the three synoptic gospels; that is they are very similar to each other and also the Gospel of Mark. John's Gospel, has an entirely different description of the life and teachings of Jesus. Both Matthew and Luke contain stories of the birth of Christ; however Matthew describes the Magi searching for the King of the Jews; whereas Luke describes the announcement by the Angels to the Shepherds. Matthew's Gospel is written to the Jews, and makes frequent references to the Old Testament, to show that Jesus was the promised Messiah, the son of Judah. Luke's gospel was written for the poor; and contains more stories involving the poor and women than any of the other Gospels. The miracles, Sermon on the Mount, and stories of the Crucifixion are very similar. although Luke is the only one who describes Jesus speaking to the women mourning at the foot of the cross..

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