“Goodness is nothing in the furnace of art.” Discuss of this statement by (Salieri) is explored through the key concepts and characters of Amadeus

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Salieri's statement helps to bring out the intensity that is present in the construction of art.  The dynamics that are revealed in the friendship and antagonism of Salieri and Mozart is that the construction of art is all- encompassing.  This is a setting where one sacrifices everything for the development and continued sustenance of art.  This is the "furnace" to which Salieri refers.  On  another level, the statement brings out how there might be a fundamental difference between the person and the artist.  In the contemporary setting of both composers, artists did not have to be the best of human beings, for the development and aesthetic of arts in order to be praised.  There is a fierce distinction between person and artist, and the latter was the domain where more praise was heaped upon than the former.  In Salieri's understanding, the "furnace of art" refers to the demands to continually produce art at a high quality.  The character of the individual and thir humanity was secondary to the ability to produce art of a high caliber, and in this furnace, individual quality was secondary.