A good survey question should __________ A) always use specific technical terms B)be simple and easy to interpret C)ask about two or more things at once D)be of a suggestive nature

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The only correct answer to this question is Option B.  All of the other options are things that must be avoided in creating questions for surveys.  Let us look at why this is so.

The major point of a survey is to obtain accurate data.  The researcher wants to make sure that respondents are truly understanding the question so that they can give accurate answers.  Option B clearly makes it more likely that respondents will understand the question properly.  By contrast, Option A works against this goal.  People will often not understand specific technical terms.  This will lead to a situation in which they cannot answer the question accurately.  Therefore, Option B is correct and Option A is not.

Option C is also a bad option.  If a question asks about two or more things at once, there will be times when the respondent cannot answer properly.  For example, imagine a question that asks “Do you believe that Brand X has the best quality product and the best price?”  If a respondent thinks that Brand X has a low price but does not have the best quality, they cannot respond accurately.  This makes Option C incorrect.

Finally, if the point of the survey is to obtain accurate answers, you do not want to influence your respondent.  You want to ask questions that do not lead the respondent to give a certain answer.  If your questions are suggestive, they may not elicit the respondent’s true thinking.  This would make for a less accurate survey.

For these reasons, B is clearly the correct answer.

user6901087 | Student

A survey question should never use specific, technical terms unless the population being targeted is clearly familiar with these terms.  If a survey question asks two things at once, the answers may become convoluted and result in skewed data.  Lastly, if the survey question is of a suggestive nature, you may be leading the respondent to answer a certain way which will also skew the results.  Therefore, the correct answer is B. This way you will be sure that the answer given by the respondent was asking what was intended to be asked and not interpreted in a different way.