A good scientist is one who asks the right questions. Explain.

tollelege | Student

The proposal of an accurate and concise question is the foundational step in the classical method of scientific inquiry.

Scientific investigation typically follows what is termed the "scientific method".  It is a step-by step process that begins with a hypothesis and ends with a conclusion.  The formation of an hypothesis (question that is being attempted to answer) is the critical first step in the process. 

If the question is not the "right question", then the answer will not be applicable to the original inquiry.  Put another way... if you desire to learn something about A, but ask about B, you learn nothing about A.

Although that is extreme, there is typically many factors that relate to A.  The right question must focus on the specific aspect of A that you desire to investigate/solve/determine.

It all starts with the correct question which will lead you to a correct answer. 

Attached is a link to additional information about the scientific method.  You will see the chain of process and how it is completely dependent upon the first step of posing the "right" question.

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