IN good night mister tom what happens in chaper 4,5 and 6 please explain with detailsPLEASE explain very carefully are and tell my the settings and chartors in that bit of the story

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Chapter 4 (58-74) Tom and Will goes shopping for clothes Tom buys Willie a comic and sweets Willie is really pleased They go to the library and Will learns the alphabet Chapter 5 (75-89) Willie wets bed again Tom and Will go to church Mr Fletcher comes around and digs a hole for shelter Will was known to be called 'Sissie' as he didn't like clothes getting dirty Chapter 6 (89-101) Willie find out that the boy is called Zach Zach helps Will with the shelter Tom goes to the church When comes back Will and Zach are still outside Tom wants Will in bath but can't swim but finally he gets in Tom tells Will stories Zach to come around again

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I just wondered weather you have tried reading chapters 4, 5 and 6? You will know the answer to this question very quickly if you read it

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