In The Good Earth, discuss the theme of connectedness to the land. Wang words “Land is one’s flesh and blood.” introduce the main theme of the novel. Wang Lung, the central character of the novel, feels a deep respect for the earth.  His house is made of earth and even his gods before whom he places incense are also made of earth. Thus he gains his food, his shelter, and his religion from the earth. As Pearl Buck notes, everything comes out of the earth, but ultimately everything returns to the earth.

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Wang aptly demonstrates the reality of the eternal link between peasant and land, which is Buck's theme, when he insists that his sons begin field labor at an early age. Wang believes this is the best way to ensure that they will be ever connected to reality, to the reality of the land.

where they would early take into their bones and their blood the feel of the soil under their feet, and the feel of the hoe hard in their hands.

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