Good day! Could you suggest a research problem for my thesis? It should be related to education and I'd like to focus on elementary level. Thank you so much!

gsenviro | Student

Selecting a research problem for a thesis can be a tough task and ideally one should focus on what they like. It's great that you have already narrowed it down to elementary level. There are a number of topics you can work with.


  • What role does technology play in elementary education? or how can technology be used to enhance classroom success?: you can discuss videos, simulations, etc. and how they benefit instruction (or what drawbacks they have?).
  • How do you ensure that children with special needs are not left behind?: what pedagogical methods do you use to ensure their learning?, you can focus on a specific disorder or discuss what your school does, etc.

Parent's role

  • Does the education level of parents affect a child's learning? 
  • Should parents be allowed to make decisions about their child's education or should children have a say in it?: perhaps you can discuss it with reference to the controversial topic of sexual education.

Alternate education

  • Do you believe alternate education methods (say home schooling, etc.) are better than the conventional school system?
  • How can alternate education be made to match the conventional education system?

You can work on any of these (or more topics) as per your preference. The problem can be worked from both a quantitative and a qualitative angle. There can be multiple levels of your problem, for example, whether you discuss the problem at the district level or state level or national level or you can compare the US and any other country. 

I personally like the topic of parent's education level and how it relates to student's classroom success. You can discuss the correlation between the two or how do you compensate for lack of the parent's education (leading to a home atmosphere which may not be conducive to learning). You can also study the differences between the practices used by (more educated and less educated) parents at home to ensure a child's learning. 

Hope this helps. Good luck with the research.

gsenviro | Student

You may want to check research papers on that aspect. Here are a couple: