A good body paragraph on maturity includes material about responsibilities, respect and care for others. How do I best include these ideas?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you are writing a five paragraph essay on maturity, responsibilities, respect and care for others  would each become an individual body paragraph in the essay.  If you are writing one paragraph only on maturity, you would include all three ideas in the one paragraph.  You would still need to talk about all three if they are a part of your topic sentence or thesis statement.  Examples of responsibilities such as mowing the lawn or finishing assignments on time could be included.  For respect, you could use examples of opening doors, helping elderly women with groceries, being respectful of others' time which all fit respect.  Caring for others can be watching over your little brother while mom is grocery shopping, helping a student learn to catch a baseball to prevent teasing, or mowing the lawn of an elderly neighbor are all examples of caring for others.  You would need to make sure to relate each of these ideas as examples of maturity that perhaps would not have happened if immaturity reigned supreme. I also would caution you about too much material for one paragraph.