I need to write a research paper of just 2 pages. The topic should be something in literature. Can you help me? What do you suggest?

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Certainly, much of this will have to be generated by your own particular choice of topic.  Much of this might have to be determined by the research or the evidence that you have or can find.  In a research paper it is not as much as what you know as much as what you can believe.  I think that being able to generate enough research on a topic that you find interesting would have to be the critical elements in driving this.  I think that few, if anyone, would be able to determine such a task.  You might have to think and reflect about what readings have stuck out in your mind and what elements of that reading were interesting or unique to you.  In being able to do this, you might find that topics can emerge and research be facilitated.

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One double-spaced, typed research paper is really quite brief; however, the challenge for you is to keep your thesis (the argument you intend to prove) rather narrow. For example, you might focus on a specific character trait of a figure from a novel or short story you have recently read--something about which you are already comfortable writing--and how that trait, say a physical characteristic like a limp or a scar, reveals that character's true nature.

In another approach, you might describe the tone or mood (these are two different qualities, so be sure you understand which is which) of a particular poem or story and how that tone or mood influences our understanding of an important theme the piece is addressing.

In either case, if this is a research assignment, your professor will expect you to have researched authoritative support (like that you find amid the literary criticism on Enotes!), to have cited, either in paraphrase or direct quotes, the opinion of your literary expert in the body of your researched essay, and to have properly documented that source according to MLA documentation guidelines. These guidelines are easy enough to follow, and you may learn more about them by visiting the Purdue University OWL (Online Writing Lab), which is freely available to the public. Just Google them up!

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