I am going to teach intermediate level a lesson about (shopping) give me warm-up ideas then how can I introduce the lesson to them in intersting way?* ( cost, few, need) <- how can i teach them...

I am going to teach intermediate level a lesson about (shopping) give me warm-up ideas then how can I introduce the lesson to them in intersting way?

* ( cost, few, need) <- how can i teach them these words, to make them understood?

* suggest any creative ideas/activities/methods to present this lesson.


Expert Answers
missjenn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Along with teaching these words you could also show the idea of budget. You could have them go through a grocery add with a list of necessities and an amount of money they have. They can shop for what they need and make sure they come in at or under budget. You could also do a writing prompt asking them about their favorite shopping memory, a time they wanted to buy something so bad they saved up or worked hard to get the money, and or a time they did not get something they want and how it made them feel about money then and how it makes them feel looking back.  You could get some interesting stories that connect on a personal level and begin engagement through the self, and also get several good transition places as well.  Having them work on personal anecdotes or experiences will help them get a good concept down for the vocab.

anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Is this intermediate level middle school or grades 3 and 4? Middle school students would already know the concept of cost, few, and need, I believe. For either level, an interesting idea would be to give them an imaginary amount of money and a newspaper or catalog with advertisements and prices. Have them "go shopping" and keep a list of what they are buying and how much it costs, possibly using a simple order form. A good example might be to shop for back to school supplies or clothes. They would have to keep within their budget and try to get as much as they can considering what they need. Good words to teach would be budget, needs vs wants, quantity, and taxes for older students. Many newspapers have left-over copies of stores' advertisements and may let you have some to use in class.

sanjiwan | Student

The word shopping refers to the  idea of purchasing something by spending money. You can teach them how to spend it so that it can be worth spending. For example , one student has 2 dollor in hand.Just ask him what are his needs,movie,his text books or shoe.As he has different choices, he should be able to his immidiate  his immediate need- the text book.This way , you will be able to teach them how to use their money wisely when they go for shoping.


Main point:Focus only on the immidiate needs.