In the movie version of Gone with the Wind, will Rhett return to Scarlet's home in Tara? Can Scarlet make Rhett live with her again?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If there is any happy resolution, it would lie in Scarlett herself.  Indeed, while Rhett is leaving and will not return, this becomes Scarlett's moment where she understands that her purpose in being exists without needing a man.  Throughout the work, Scarlett had emerged as a stronger forces, but was still shown as one who depended on a man.  This changes when Rhett leaves, as she understands that "Tomorrow is another day."  This moment of clarity and self- realization is where there is a happy ending to the work.  It makes sense, to a certain extent.  As the South emerged from the Civil War, it needed to shed its belief that it needed slavery to exist.  Just as it develops this understanding, Scarlett herself moves towards the same conception of self where she knows that she does not need a man to define her own identity.  This might be where a happy ending lies, as it professes a sense of hope for the future.

nightenbelle | Student

In the book by Margaret Mitchel, there is no happy resolution. The story ends in a cliff hanger very similar to the movie. If you want to follow Scarlett and Rhett you can read the book by  Alexandra Ripley or watch the movie called "Scarlett" which follows the characters through the next decade or so of their lives.

sanima | Student

No,they do not get back together, the movie end with scralett's favorite words,"I'll think about it tomorrow" just as the book does.

walrusman1 | Student
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