The golfer applied a force when he hit the ball. What are 2 forces acting on the ball as it rolls?  

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When the golf ball is rolling after being hit by the golfer, there are a number of forces acting on it. These are:

  • Gravity: force will always act on the golf ball, whether it is in flight or rolling on ground or grass or rough. The direction of gravitational force is (always) downwards and its magnitude is equal to mass of ball times the acceleration due to gravity, g.
  • Friction force: the rolling motion of the golf ball would be opposed by the friction force. This friction would be provided by grass and will depend on the height of the grass, its roughness, amount of moisture, etc. This friction will act in a direction opposite to the motion and is the reason the ball slows down and ultimately stops.
  • Force of the club: the golfer imparted some force to the golf ball, which initiated the rolling in the first place. This force would be in the direction of motion.

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