Going off of the Canterbury Tales, how would a CEO of a company make a good modern day pilgrim? 

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Since the tales are unique to the individual telling the tale, a CEO would be a great addition to the group of stories. A CEO is a person of business who oversees great amounts of employees, money, and issues that challenge a company in today's world. The CEO would find himself near the top of the class system amidst the doctor and man of law and closely underneath the educated knight. The clergy represented (i.e. Nun, Friar, Monk) would be either on the same level or just below him on the class system. He would certainly be above the Wife of Bath and the Miller because they seem to be near the bottom of society's pyramid. The CEO's tale might be about making money and the importance thereof; or, it would be of his successful climb to his position whereupon he was placed to magnify his calling and talents for the benefit of all those who work beneath him. His pride would lead the way as he told about conquering poverty and communism so that he could live the American dream! :)

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