Religion Within the Bounds of Mere Reason

by Immanuel Kant
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God is the simple being. A simple being cannot be negated, without first it has been affirmed. So every negation of God shows that God exists. Correct? the article on Kant brought this reasoning to me. Please help me to know if it is logicaly valid and true. thanks in anticipation

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The argument you summarize is one of a set of ontological arguments for the existence of God that Kant shows to be unprovable in his Critique of Pure Reason. The major flaw in this type of argument, according to Kant, is that it depends on making existence a predicate. In Religion Within the Limits of Reason, Kant takes a characteristically psychological and anthropological approach to religion, considering it as a human activity in relation to the ethical nature of humanity. He is especially concerned with how the concept of moral duty or obligation fits within the dictates of revealed religion.

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