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The answer that you are given is absolutely going to depend on who you ask and/or who answers this question.  

For me, yes.  God is real.  I'd love to give you hard scientific proof of his existence, but if that existed, then everybody would believe in the existence of God.  I believe he's real, and that is a result of being raised in the religion that I have been raised in.  

Ask a Christian.  They believe in a one true God.  They all believe that Christ (an actual physical human) is fully God and fully human at the same time.  Even other religions admit to the existence of Christ, so if Christians are correct, then yes, God is real enough to have even had a physical body.  

Ask a Muslim.  Their answer will be yes as well.  They even profess it 5 times per day.  "There is one God, Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet."  

Ask a Deist.  They believe in an all powerful God that created everything and now sits back and watches his/her creation.  

An agnostic doesn't confirm or deny the possible presence of a God.  They don't claim there is one, but they don't claim there isn't one either.   

An atheist believes there is no God.  Though, in America, most people believe there is a God, atheists make up a large minority.  

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