If God has made us then who has made God?  

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Most religions simply answer “He always was and always will be.” That is, by definition, God is “that which existed before time itself existed.” But your question is really an epistological one: how do we know things? Well, it turns out, according to modern philosophies and linguistics, that before we can “know” a thing we must be able to word it, to put it into a language code, a logic code. Wittgenstein said “Of that which we cannot speak, we must remain silent,” which is the core of the problem. Two other wisdoms enlighten us here: “The definition of a word is another word.” (Donald Hall) and “Just because we can word a question does not make it a speech-act.” (Frederick Thompson) In other words, a question form does not automatically evince an answer form. The human mind is a fairly simple machine, and it has its “static.” So, as an inquiry into the difference between science and faith, your question is a legitimate one, but as a part of a logical discourse, it is non-sense.

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This question could be generalized to say, "How do religions that claim that an eternal being brought all things into existence answer the question, 'Who created the eternal being?'" this is a simple distinction between the eternal and the non-eternal, ortemporal. All temporal things had a beginning by nature. When we try to apply this concept to an eternal being, we run into a problem. The eternal, by definition, does not have a beginning and therefore is not created. The eternal is self-maintaining apart from time. This definition is not arbitrary, it is logical.

For example, traditional Greek Dualism believedspires was no creator but that the material world and the spiritual were co-eternal. There is no creation in this belief system.

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  You may find it interesting that Sumerian texts dealing with the Creation of Man speak of how the Gods believed in an entity referred to as the "Creator of All" or the "Father of All Beginning". When the Sumerian God of Wisdom, Enki, spoke of creating humans to till the fields and ease the Gods' toil, Enlil, Lord of the Command shouted, "Creation belongs to the Father of All Beginning!" Enlil did not want to create humans because he essentially did not want to 'play God'! Enki however, believed that creating humans was "the will of the Creator of All". It is clear that even the Gods believed in a Creator.  I believe that God was one of the ancient Gods, and that they themselves were Created by the universal life force which gave life to everything--the true Creator of All.





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sister,first u take the holy quran and read sura ihlas.there almighty allah describe his charactaritics.and he does not want to force anyone to believe it.if u believe him,u vl b treated well after your death.if not u vl b punished.u should know y he punishes u it is bcoz allah is the god&creator of this world&the other things which lay in the space.he created u&provided u with food,knowladge&etc[think a minute of ur body parts-eye sight,hearing,speaking,momory power,legs to walk.hands,inner parts,facilities u have got etc].but,u miss to thank him,refuse him as ur god&worship idols.but in sura ihlas he says,he is one&only,no companions to help,he doesnt want any help from this world,he is not born,he doesnt give birth to anyone,,he says a word 'kun' if he intends to create anythingh&its createt at once.like this,he created u too,but u think thathe is also created.so,it is a big sin u r doing.