The god Enlil unleashed the flood on the city of Shurrupak because "the world bellowed like a wild bull." What does this reveal about how the Babylonians viewed their gods and their environment?

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tjbrewer eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Babylonians give their gods a very "human" character.  The Epic of Gligamesh, implies that Enlil was driven to wrath over a petty annoyance (i.e. noise).  This is a very human thing to do.  Why would a deity be incapable of blocking out the noise, or drowning it out with a loud noise of his own?  Why did he have to "drown the whole world?  It also reveals a very rural, and agrarian environment.  The simile compares the "bellowing" of humanity to a "wild bull."  The Audience and author both would have to hear the bellowing of a wild bull for the simile to have meaning.