I think God did not really create the universe. You?this is the most hunting fact that god did not created the universe... according to the laws of physics we all know that there was nothing...

I think God did not really create the universe. You?

this is the most hunting fact that god did not created the universe...

according to the laws of physics we all know that there was nothing before the BIG BANG( formation of the universe )... There was not even space ; time; matter and energy... Now can anyone tell me that in the absence of all these things how does god came in existence and the most amazing question is that did he had time to create the universe? as there was no time and matter before the creation of the earth...  there is no reason behind the big bang so ASKING A QUESTION LIKE " Who Actually Created the universe is as same as asking a stupid question like " Where is the endingpoint or corner of the earth......  AS EARTH HAS NO CORNER....      

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Not everything can really be proven.  The problem with this issue is that it is so emotional.  People are debating what they have been taught and raised to believe, sometimes as one of their most deeply held-beliefs.  I strongly feel this is an area where people should respect one another.  I don’t think an exchange of ideas is going to change anyone’s mind.

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That's the thing about science and religion.  Neither can definitely prove or disprove the exist of a deity.  God has no beginning and no end.  He is not controlled by physics, time, matter, or energy.  He is a supernatural being.  We cannot quantify God in the same manner as mere humans.  Consider too that science isn't infallible.  Science does not, cannot not, and never will know everything.  Once, scientists thought that the atom was the smaller particle.  Nothing could ever be smaller.  They were absolutely certain.  Until one day, they realized they were wrong.  The atom was broken open and a whole new group of particles was discovered.  Maybe there was nothing that we can currently recognize or name before the big bang.  Maybe, like subatomic particles, we simply have not discovered it yet.

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Your question gets at the heart of the fact that human beings are not equipped to understand how the universe was created. As far as our ability to think is concerned, space, time and matter are all impossible. Yet they exist. Obviously there is something we don't know and cannot know in this phase of our existence. The hard part it accepting our limitations. I believe that someday we will know these things, but not in this life.

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I think that you are missing the idea that science does not preclude religion. One can accept scientific theories of creation (and the other hot topic evolution) without having to not believe in God or some form of creator or greater conciousness. I think that denying any alternative to what you believe is prejudcial. Just as no one wants Religious groups denying access to science, No one should want scientists denying access to religion.

What you or anyone believes is a personal choice. It is hard to be well educated and deny clear science, but that doesn't mean religious belief no longer plays a part in the whole. This topic is way more complex than any single human can find a definitive answer for, so it is more important to come to a reasonable conclusion that is meaningful to you, but also respects those who disagree. You can think someone is wrong, but still respect their right to believe.

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My understanding is that theoretical physicists have posited a singularity that preceded the Big Bang, one in which there was nearly infinite density and gravity. Time, under these conditions, did not exist as we understand it. So in a sense, there really was no "before the Big Bang." What implications this has for theology, I don't really know, but I do know that many theologians, St. Augustine being the most famous, argued that time itself was the creation of God. http://www.iep.utm.edu/augustin/ 

My personal convictions tend (heavily) toward the secular, but I find those who completely deny the possibility of some sort of incomprehensible force that sparked the universe's beginnings as dogmatic as any religious fundamentalist. 


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I think, first of all, that you're wrong on your science.  There had to be matter before the Big Bang.  You can't just have this explosion out of nothing.  

Second, I fail to see how the Big Bang (assuming as I do that this is how the universe truly did start) denies the existence of God.  How did that matter get there in the first place?  Sure, it is somewhat illogical to assume that God put it there, but why is that more logical than to say that the universe just happened to exist?

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It come a time in a learned persons mind that he asks himself those question given the understanding that you have on science but the funny think that you dont understand is that science its self finds it hard to explain to us the origine of the matter and  it acknowledeges the presence of a supernatural being

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As an atheist, I also have the same feeling as you in the fact that I do not believe that God, or any supernatural being, created the Earth or any of the other galaxies, planets, etc. I find it very improbable that God exists, especially in the way that Christians (and perhaps even other faiths) portray him. If God truly created the entire universe and everything in it, why do we live they we do? If God is all-powerful and loves everyone, why do children die every day from starvation? Why are people of different opinions and beliefs raped and murdered because they think differently? Why does war even exist?

I personally believe that the Big Bang happened, and most everything was created. However, it is honestly a topic that humans will most likely never be able to answer. Perhaps, if we make contact with other forms of life on different planets, from different galaxies, etc, they might have some answers. But most likely we will never know. 

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hello Eto,

yes of course i have,if some people didn't grow up beieving in God,well,that doesn't mean they don't kow God exist.as an intelligent human,you've got to raise the question of what life is and what it is about,then you begin to ask questions in which you get to find answers to, by asking individuals who understand life better than you do and would give a  very concrete answer to what you asking for and you also make research to understand more about about the one in which people say created the universe(God) for those that didn't grow up knowing what god is.all that done,know that such individual will get to know more about who created the universe. 'If asked from the right sources'.

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Hey Mr Najm,

Are all scientific theories incompatible with Islam; or is the theory of evolution the only one?


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Its wonderful to have a series of posts on evolution Frizzy, to prove that:

This is NOT an intelligent design. Post 33 Frizzy

Just because the Laryngeal Nerve has a long route, as if we have completely understood the function of brain and nervous system. Very interesting! We make tall claims though not knowing the whole truth.

For those who think, the presence of a pair of ears, eyes and nostrils provide enough clues of intelligent design if we see the way they give us information, what to talk of the celestial bodies, mountains, land and animals like camels. Surely as God says:

And we have broad-casted a large number of jinn and men for the benefit of hell: 

Hearts have they (but) they understand not (anything) therewith;

And eyes have they (but) they see not (anything) therewith;

And ears have they (but) they hear not (anything) therewith;

They are like cattle, nay they are more lost than (these).

They are the people who are heedless. Quran 7:179

I better look at my brain size before commenting on the design of a creation by the Creator, at least I don't find myself in a position to do so. All brains put together - no way.

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i think that you are wrong because if you say that you think that god has not made the universe then who has made?answer the question. as i think the god has made the universe.(sorry if i have written something wrong)


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Hey Abdul,

I believe in God. I don't know why exactly.  It could be something like I believe in money or triangles.  Or I believe I'm right handed.

However, I know that, unlike me, some people did not grow up believing in God.  They had a life experience, which convinced them that they needed something beyond themselves.  

Did you have a life experience?

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There are many things,a lot of signs to prove that God created the universe,well from the scientist perspected its all said its the work of nature that nothing really created anything,u live, you give birth,you die all the work of nature,when you sleep you dream,some get to come to life and some don't.but the actual fact is that,There's an uncomparable being in which human plead to ,pray to to provide for them,to actualise their dreams.we don't see this being but He does exist,guess all of us belief we've got something called brain in our head,so why is there no God who created the universe?


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Post #39 is the answer to the question I should have asked.  I should have asked if organisms become more complex.  And the answer must be that they become more fit or that they fit better into each niche like a hand in a glove.  A simpler organism might be more fit than a more complex organism.

Also, I can see how a elephant must be more complex than an e. coli, but seems to me, an amoeba might be more complex than some cells in an antelope.  


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