Goals Of Business Communication

What are the goals of proper business communication?

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Business communication needs to achieve the intended goals for the sender and receiver. The sender expects to communicate a specific message to the receiver. The sender also expects the receiver to understand and respond to the message. The receiver expects that the message is clear to enable them to formulate an appropriate response. The receiver also expects some form of benefit as a result of the communication. The sender and receiver also expect the communication channel to be efficient and to allow a speedy two-way exchange of information.

Advertising is a form of business communication by an institution to its customers or potential customers. The goals of this type of business communication include the following:

  • Communicate the product features in a way that is appealing and understandable to the customer.
  • Collect feedback from the customers through their responses.
  • Improve the relationship between the business and its clients.
  • Improve business image and attract more customers.


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Business communication takes place in the form of letters, emails, brochures, manuals, presentations, etc. Some of the goals of proper business communication (whether internal or external communication) are:

  • Clarity of communication: It should be clear to the receiver, whether a customer or an employee. There should be no ambiguity or multiple interpretations of the communication.
  • Eliciting a response: Effective communication elicits a response. An aim of business communication, especially to a client, is to receive a response.
  • Credibility: Effective communication fosters and conveys credibility. An external communication should ensure a good relationship with clients, while an internal communication should effectively direct and assure employees.
  • Effectiveness of communication: Business communication should be effective. Many times, it is used in training and or directing employees. The business communication should convey the right message and ensure higher productivity of employees.
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Different people may have different ideas about what the goals of business communication are.  Here is one way of looking at it that envisions four goals of business communication.  They are:

  1. That the recipient will understand the message.  In other words, the communication must convey the message that it is meant to convey.  It must not be unclear or give the wrong idea to the one who receives it.
  2. Getting a response.  The communication should be worded in a way that makes it easy to respond to.
  3. Establishes or improves a relationship with the recipient.  Communications are meant in part to make the recipient feel positively about the sender.  This will help them work together in the future.
  4. Making the recipient feel good about the sender's organization.  This matters in particular when the recipient is a customer.  The communication in that case is meant to help make the recipient like the firm that sends it and want to do business with them.
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