Is there gluten in licorice root?

taangerine | Student

No, there is no gluten in licorice root. 

givingiswinning | Student

There is no gluten.

atyourservice | Student

There is no gluten in Licorice root. 

sciencesolve | Student

The most recognized part of licorice is its root that contains an anti-inflammatory sweet tasting agent called glycyrrhizic acid.

The presence of gluten in content of licorice candies depends on the receipe used to produce licorice candies, hence if you use the cornstarch receipe, the final product does consist of gluten, among the other components.

Notice that the pure extract of licorice does not contain gluten.

alohastine | Student

There is no gluten in Licorice root. Many of the candies do contain gluten. There are gluten free Molasses Licorice candies that do not contain gluten. You can find these on health food sites and Celiac shopping sites.


missnasiha | Student

Licorice root does not contain any gluten. If you are interested in licorice candy, however, many of those are wheat-based. Wheat does contain gluten.

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