If glocal temperutes continue to rise, what is one enviromental impact that could affect Florida? With Florida's overall present climate, how might warmer temperatues affect it?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Average Global temperatures are quite increasing and it has a great impact on our planet as a whole. Florida is already feeling the impact of global warming. Its average temperature has increased by two Fahrenheit.  It is expected also that the number of warmer days will increase thus the natural climate of the country will change. Some consequences are the rise of insects that can destroy plants which includes crops for human consumption and can bring disease such as dengue and malaria. Since it is proposed that Florida will get warmer, it will soon be getting to be wetter (just like to those tropical countries).

Florida has a low land areas meaning that their coastal areas are somehow below the sea level. If the average temperatures continue to rise up, the low land levels will soon be saturated with water thus coastlines of Florida will be one of the first areas to be flooded.




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