Globalization so im an English learner in my first year and i have to set a discussion group about globalization ... what is it ? what are the effects of it the positive and negative ones .. and conclusion.. this is my first discussion and im the leader and dont know how to do it and how to start it???? could plz give me some ideas and i would be so thankful ..

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I suggest you make it an interesting discussion by bringing in people's personal lives. Have them look up where their clothing or shoes were made, where the food in the produce department of the grocery store comes from, and so on. You might also consider the effecfs of outsourcing in your local economy.
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Critics of globalization claim that it takes jobs that pay well - especically jobs in manufacturing - and moves them overseas, thus damaging the lives and livelihoods of workers in industrialized countries. They also argue that it destroys productive industries, such as steel production, in advanced countries, thus making them more dependent on overseas manufacturers.

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On the positive side, it helps to bring jobs to people in developing countries.  Chinese can have jobs making things to export to richer nations.  Filipinos can have jobs in call centers doing customer support for the US.  This helps the poorer countries progress.

On the bad side, it can destroy the cultural uniqueness of various countries.  If everyone eats McDonald's or if everyone watches Bollywood movies, what is left of the unique cultures of various countries?

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