Is globalisation detrimental to African morality? Discuss

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Overall, I do not agree that globalization has been detrimental to African morality.  I also think that there are problems that are inherent in trying to answer this question.

The major problem that comes with trying to answer this question is that it implies that there is such a thing as “African morality.”  It implies that all Africans, or perhaps some great majority of Africans, share a common set of moral values.   I am not convinced that there is a distinctive thing that can be called “African morality.”  Instead, I would argue that there are different groups in Africa with different sets of moral values just as there are in other parts of the world.

Even if we could identify what African morality is, I would say that globalization has not been detrimental to that morality.  If globalization has hurt African morality, it can only be because outside values have entered Africa.  This implies that these morals are inferior to African morals.  However, if Africans already have a superior morality, why would they abandon it when exposed to foreign influences?  Why would they not stick with the morality that they already have given that it is a superior morality.

Overall, I simply reject the idea that the people of any one continent have a morality that is both distinctive from and superior to that of other people.  Therefore, I do not think that globalization has been detrimental to African morality.