Is global warming fact or a myth?factors affecting global warming

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"Is global warming fact or a myth?"

Well, since the question has not been closed yet (just like in real life), the answer is "yes."

Over the past century, the earth seems to have been heating up. In certain parts of the earth, at least. In some parts, ocean temperatures have risen. In other parts, they have not. In some parts, there is less ocean ice, in other parts, there is more. In some areas, there are receding glaciers. In other areas, glaciers are growing.

Most scientist seem to agree, however, that the earth is warming slightly, and they thing this might be a long-term trend. They call what they perceive as a possible long-term trend Global Warming.

Now, some scientists believe that man, through industrialization and its concomitant burning of fossil fuels, is causing this supposed Global Warning. As there is no control, no exact copy of Earth without man's influence, there is no way to test the hypothesis. Maybe what we may be witnessing is just part of completely natural processes. So, Global Warming remains a theory.

Has the earth been warmer before in its four-billion-year history? Yes. Has the earth been cooler before in it four- billion-year history? Yes. Is one hundred years enough time to tell that we are in another warming period? Maybe yes, maybe no. And here's a really big question: Is Global Warming a terrible thing? It depends on who you ask.

So, the answer your question: "Is global warming fact or a myth?:" Yes.

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Many scientists will argue that global warming is caused by humans while others will say that it is a naturally occurring event that will happen regardless of what we do to prevent it. 

Global warming is directly related to greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases trap heat inside the Earth's atmosphere. Some of the gases that are emitted because of human activity are cardon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases.

Regardless of who or what causes global warming I believe it is important to control and monitor what is released into the atmosphere. One way this can be done is by keeping greenhouse gas inventories. This is the accounting of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted or removed from the atmosphere over a specific amount of time. These inventories also give us information on activities that cause emission.

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I wholly agree with the first post.  The question: Are humans causing or contributing to this? is what has the masses divided.  The most frustrating thing about debates like this (especially on a political level) is that often the take-home message ends up being the same on both sides, and in an effort to win the argument, both sides lose that message.

The take-home message in the global warming debate is this: whether we are contributing to climate change or not, we humans are polluting the Earth and using up natural resources faster than the Earth can replenish them.  It would be a tragedy for society to carry on the debate about the causes of global warming - but when it comes to the effects of how we are living - not see the forest for the trees.

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As far as I know, the consensus among scientists is that global warming is clearly occurring.  This does not mean that no one disagrees, but there is little doubt that it is happening.

Where the controversy comes in is in the second part of your question.  Most scientists believe that human beings are causing the global warming.  This is mostly done by burning fossil fuels and thereby releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Some people (including some scientists) do not believe that the warming is manmade.  Instead, they think it is the result of natural fluctuations in the earth's temperature.

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People can debate and disagree about the effects of climate change specifically, but they cannot deny the phenomenon of global warming.  May 2010 was the warmest month on record (!!) in terms of average global temperature, and the January - May 2010 period was the warmest five month period on record.  Nine of the ten hottest years on record have happened since 1998.  I don't know how anyone can dispute these measurements.

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This is a topic of much debate.  Many scientist would say that global warming is a fact and many would indicate that we can not be sure.  One thing that is a fact is that our planet is becoming warmer due to the burning of fossil fuels, the cutting down of trees, and the development of land. 

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Global warming refers to the rise in the average temperature of the entire earth due to the phenomenon called green house effect resultant from damage to the ozone layer by air pollution. Global warming is very much a reality - and it is a very frightening reality - that is recognized by scientist and and environmentalist across the world. It is one of the greatest threat faced by the planet Earth. Due to the greenhouse effect the average temperature of the world is rising gradually and surely, particularly since the start of industrial revolution.

By about mid of first decade of the twenty first century the the temperature has already risen by about 0.76 degrees Celsius, and is rising further at ever accelerating rate. If the earth's temperature rises more than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial revolution levels the climate change is likely to become irreversible with disastrous long term consequences. Among other effects, the ice in the polar caps will melt causing the sea levels to increase, submerging large part of the land area of the earth. In many parts of the world there will be acute shortage of drinking water.

Unless we are able to halt the increase in global emission level increase by about 2020, and reduce it further by 2050 to half of the 1990 levels, this tipping point of 2 degrees rise in temperature is most likely to become unavoidable.

Global warming is caused by increasing levels of carbon dioxide and some other harmful gases in the atmosphere that destroy the ozone layer  in upper atmosphere. This in turn leads to more of sun's radiation reach the earth. The concentration of these harmful gases in the atmosphere is increasing due to human activities burning of fossil fuel and destruction of forests.

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is a fact it is happening

so please do help by turning off any excess lights at home or by using public transport (if possiable)


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