How has global terrorism affected literature, specifically novels in English?

frizzyperm | Student

Not sure what you mean by 'ideas'? But I've noticed many popular novels about The War on Terror that could be catergorise as... "I am the reasonable voice of your enemy". For example The Kite Runner. The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The Book Seller of Kabul. Teaching Lolita in Tehran. etc (There are many more.)

I've noticed these books are very popular, perhaps because they inform us about the minority nature of muslim extremism and reassure us that most Muslims share our basic civil values. 9/11 taught us that we know little about Arabic/Islamic culture and book-sales have reflected a desire to learn. (It perhaps also reflects a desire for Muslim writers to reach out beyond OUR extremists (George Bush et al) and to talk to more rational westerners.)

fuchsiadreams | Student

The Reluctant Fundamentalist has opened many students' eyes as to the racial stereotypes that were created post September 11. Hamid has done very well to challenge the thinking, construction and responses to dangerous stereotypes.

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