If global temperatures continue to rise, what environmental impact might affect the area where you live; how might overall global temperatures affect local climate?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Global warming is the phenomenon where the average temperature of the earth is gradually increasing. There are certain factors that affect the increase of net temperature of the earth. If the temperature of the earth continues to rise, several environmental components will be affected and can be detrimental to living organisms which include us the human beings. 

One big impact of increasing the global temperature is the climate change. As the temperature increases, the evaporation of water in some areas in the water systems may change thus can create destructive storms and increased of amounts of rainfall. This can make wet regions wetter and dry regions dryer.

In connection, the direction of water current can possibly change as the temperature of water surface is changed. Consequently, it can result to a colder climate in cold regions and warmer climate in hot or tropical regions. 

For example if you are living in the coastal areas in the State of Florida in USA, for the next decade, stronger storms are expected to come. It is also depicted that if this will continue, sea level may rise in those areas thus removing some part of the coastal areas in the world map. Collectively this effect can change the wildlife and vegetation of the country in the next twenty to fifty years.