Global Maritim in the late 19th century was stimulated by a.war in turkey b.the crash of 1892 c.Political revolutions in the americas d,the opium trade in asia e.canals that created short cuts to asia

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I am assuming that this question should say "maritime trade."  Of the answers that are given, I believe that E is the correct answer, although I only know of one canal that was built during this time.

I do not see any reason why a war in Turkey would stimulate maritime trade.  A global economic crash does not make more trade happen.  Instead, it makes less trade happen.

Political revolutions in the Americas had pretty much all happened in the early 1800s.

The opium trade in Asia did help cause more trade, but it had been around a long time.   The first Opium War between Great Britain and China happened back in the 1830s, which is not late 19th century in my opinion.

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