Global Information System: What issues must be addressed before adding a GIS to an existing organization?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order for GIS to be applied to an existing organization such organization must be a multi-national firm or corporation (MNF) that operates in many different countries. As a result of the diversity of headquarters, a GIS is put in place to enable transactions from the business to clients and from the business to the market. 

The problem that arises, as a result of the multiple opportunities there are challenges to consider that vary from country to country. 

Language barriers- regardless of the advances in communication that the internet has brought there are aspects of language that are impossible to replicate with technology, namely, semantics, intonation and prosody. These personality traits of communication get lost in translation. 

Laws- MNO's have to abide by the laws and regulation of each country where they serve. This includes production and selling practices, marketing, and even tariffs to be imposed to production and selling. 

Policy and politics- depending of the stability of the countries being served, the market will fluctuate accordingly. If there is instability production and sales will be affected.

Payment methods, electronic capabilities, and time zones - if these three variables are not taken into consideration there will be issues with accounts payable and accounts receivable. Time zone alignment via technology is perhaps the most important of all.