Glengarry Glen Ross Questions and Answers
by David Mamet

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In "Glengary Glenn Ross" by David Mamet what does the author contend about the male ego, and how does it influence ethical compromise?

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I would say that in the case of Mamet's work there is a strong contention that the male ego is constantly under siege.  The men in the play are hardly at peace with themselves or the world around them.  There is a pride swallowing siege that pits man against man in a constant state of competition and fierce battle.  There is no salvation, no redemption, and the only hope present is not only the sale that is made now but the one that can be made in the next hour and beyond.  In this setting, the male ego is one that is understood within a state of total and all out competitiveness and anything less is interpreted as being weak or being weeded out of the process.

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