The Glass Menagerie Questions and Answers
by Tennessee Williams

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In The Glass Menagerie, what is revealed about Amanda's telephone calls In The Glass Menagerie , Amanda's telephone calls in Scene 3 and 5 scene 3 and the second part of scene 4 in the seven-scence versions.   Please answer and thank you . I really need help

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Amanda's phone calls are necessary for the plot of the story itself because they expose particular realities:  First, Amanda has a hard time making it as a woman of lesser means than she used to as a former Southern Belle with money to spare. The way she talks to the people denotes an excessive use of snobby language that really goes quite tragically with the reality that she lives in some lower class brownstone in St. Louis, about to lose her electricity.

The second thing they expose is the actual financial situation of the family, and how the only ways of attaining finances for Amanda is by, literally, begging. For she has to beg people to purchase magazine subscriptions in times where the economy is really bad. Hence, applying her charm, and what she believes to be her Southern Charm, will not be enough.

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