Giving valid justifications, analyse the existence of Smart Televisions in India with reference to the particular stage of the Product Life Cycle.

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I think that a good argument can be made that the presence of the Smart Television in India is at a maturing state in the product life cycle.  On one hand, the Smart TV found itself saturating the marketplace in India as broadband connection was increasing and demand was increasing.  Yet, right now, one can see the marketplace for the Smart TV in India as having matured a bit.  One reason for this is the emergence of other devices that can stream television content in a more portable manner to users.  Streaming television content on tablets or iPads have helped to curbed the Indian market for a Smart TV.  

Another reason for the maturing market would be the emergence of Apple TV, which threatens to take away some of the Smart TV market.  In addition to this, the emergence of massive power outages throughout the nation over the last two years have helped to cause a slowdown in economic purchases of devices such as Smart Televisions.  The advantages of a Smart TV cannot be experienced during a 12 hour blackout or blackouts on a rolling basis for an extended period of time. However, hand held devices like tablets or Smartphones can be charged and work off of a battery even during a power cut.

A more nuanced reason as to why there could be a maturation in the life cycle of the Smart TV in India relates to product complexity.  For people in India who are emerging into a newly technological marketplace in a short period of time, the ability to use nuanced features on a Smart TV like Twitter or internet based applications simply could prove to be too challenging. For many of those who are purchasing a Smart TV, they have only begun to understood the capacity of technology in the last half a decade.  Overwhelming them with "too much gadgetry" has been present with the rollout and saturation of Smart TVs in the Indian marketplace. Within these reasons, one can see  a justification for the Smart TV in India having reached a point of maturation.

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