in the giver, would there be any live animals in their community and why?

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In The Giver by Lois Lowry, most animals do not seem to exist in the perfect community the author has created.  For example, in the evening scene when Jonas' family is sharing their feelings, Lily shares a story of a boy on the playground who doesn't seem to fit in.  Jonas and Lily call him an "animal."  In the context of the story, they don't mean he is like an actual animal, but instead, someone clumsy that doesn't seem to fit in.

Another example of the community not seeming to know what animals are, is in the giving of "comfort" animals.  Small children are given comfort animals that they are required to give up when they are 8.  Jonas' animal is a bear, while Lily's is an elephant.  The children speak of these creatures as imaginary, not seeming to have any concept of them being real live animals one could see in the wild or in a zoo.

The only "animal" referenced in the book are fish, when one of Jonas' friends receives the job of "fish hatchery attendant." However, the fish are perceived more as food, than as "animals."  

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