In The Giver what are some similarities compared to our society? Explain the similarities.

Expert Answers
Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is such an interesting question!  There certainly are some similarities between the society in The Giver and our society.  In both societies, people live mostly in family units, with two parents heading the unit.  Families eat dinner together and talk about their day, which I hope is not a dying custom in our society.  Both parents work, and the children have school and after school activities.  Children seem to find their friendships in school and the after school activities, just as they do in our society.  They play ball and ride bicycles, just as our children do.  Parents seem to be the people responsible for feeding and clothing the children and keeping them safe, as it is in our society, too.  The elderly are cared for (until they are released), which I hope we continue to do in our society, perhaps better than we do now.  Children, as everywhere, occasionally break the rules and get into mischief.  And like our society, the community has a hierarchy, leaders, and the community has rules for which there are consequences if they are broken.