What are some heroic traits that Jonas shows in Chapters 19-23 of The Giver?

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Jonas faces the truth about his community and refuses to accept it, escaping from the community to save Gabriel.

Jonas had no idea what was really going on in his community until he began his training as Receiver of Memory.  When he viewed the recording of his father killing the newborn twin, his entire world collapsed.  Jonas had to face the fact that the community he thought was perfect was full of monsters.

Jonas shows an extreme amount of courage just in facing his father and mother again after he knows the truth.  At first he can’t go home, but he knows he eventually will have to.  The Giver tries to explain to him that people simply do not know any better.

"Listen to me, Jonas. They can't help it. They know nothing."

"You said that to me once before."

"I said it because it's true. It's the way they live. It's the life that was created for them." (Ch. 20)

The Giver shares with Jonas that they are not without hope.  Jonas’s one chance is to escape, and return the memories to the people.  The Giver lets him know that if he leaves, he cannot come back.  Jonas accepts this.  He wants to help.  He has to go alone because the people will need The Giver.

"I think that they can, and that they will acquire some wisdom. But it will be desperately hard for them. When we lost Rosemary ten years ago, and her memories returned to the people, they panicked. …” (Ch. 20)

The Giver and Jonas plan an escape meticulously.  It involves Jonas escaping during the Ceremony with The Giver’s help.  Jonas shows a lot of courage in planning the escape, but the unthinkable happens.  When Jonas does go home, he finds out that Gabriel is scheduled to die.

Jonas shows courage through determination and resourcefulness at this point.  He remains calm, and then makes his move at night.  He takes Gabe, some food, and his father’s bicycle and runs, by himself, with no help from The Giver.

During the journey, Jonas also shows bravery. He realizes that he is risking his own death, but he steadfastly continues through unfamiliar territory as search planes repeatedly try to find him.  Jonas uses memories to sustain himself and Gabe, and never gives up.

From the time he sees the baby die to the moment he finally reaches Elsewhere, Jonas displays many heroic traits.  He is determined, resourceful, and brave.  If Jonas had not been so strong, he and Gabriel would have both been dead.

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