In the Giver, What is the difference between Equality and being the same? Ex. from the Giver

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I agree with the previous response, but would like to add a few thoughts of my own.  In The Giver, everyone is the same in that all lack feelings because these are chemically suppressed.  But all are not equal at all. There are people who are in power who have made the decision, for example, that people's feelings must be chemically suppressed, that weather must be rendered non-existent, that history be wiped out, and that certain people will be given certain occupations. Equality does not exist in spite of sameness because of this. The Giver, Jonah, and Gabriel, of course, are not the same as the others, and that is what allows us to see how dreadful sameness really is. 

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Being equal to someone does not mean being the same as them.  In "The Giver," there are examples of both of these.

Equality just means being treated the same as everyone else -- having to follow all the same rules.  So, for example, everyone in the community has to follow the same rules, but Asher and Jonas are not the same at all.  Asher is way more goofy and Jonas more serious, but they are both equal because they must follow the rules.

In a very fundamental way, though, everyone is the same in the community.  They all have the same lack of feelings and emotions.

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